Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do the mashed potato, then do the twist

Fiesta mashed potatoes are a tasty twist on the traditional dish. By the way, I never peel my potatoes, because the skin has so much nutritional value.


8 to 10 russet potatoes (small-medium, like the ones that come in the bag)
16 oz. lowfat sour cream
1 packet Hidden Valley's fiesta ranch mix
1/4 c. butter or spread

Wash potatoes, then chop into chunks and place in pot of water. Boil until tender. Potato chunks will slip off the end of a fork. Drain and place in mixing bowl. Add remaining ingredients and beat with hand mixer until creamy.

Tip: Mix the sour cream and fiesta ranch ahead of time, then if you don't need the whole 16 ounces for your potatoes -- maybe you only used 8 and they were small -- you can use the remainder as a chip dip. Yum!

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