Friday, October 24, 2008

Do the dip

Now this is the right way to make a French dip sandwich. By the way, I used to hate French dip sandwiches. In recent times, I have had an awakening, a beautiful awakening. The only thing I can figure is that I had never eaten them the right way before. I think they never had toppings, which I have discovered are vital. The recipe below is delicious and so very easy. Serve the sandwiches with a salad or other veggie on the side.

Deli-sliced roast beef
Sub rolls or hoagie buns
Packet of au jus powder
Sliced Swiss cheese (please understand, I hate Swiss plain, but it is delicious on this)

Make au jus according to package directions. (You just boil it with water.) Add roast beef so meat will warm up. Meanwhile, slice rolls and toast them under the broiler until they're good and golden. Top with mayo and cheese. Use a fork or tongs to remove the beef from the sauce and layer it on the sandwich. Pour au jus into bowls for dipping.


Freebairn Family said...

Mmmm. . .that sounds delightful. So simple and yummy. I love french dip but not one of those things I think of when I'm trying to come up with dinner. If only I had the discipline to plan menus with a variety of all the wonderful things out there...thanks for the idea!

John D. said...

The Ruehlens made this for Sunday dinner last night - it was good! That au jus was excellent.